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School-based programmes for preventing smoking (Review)
(2013) RE Thomas, J McLellan y R Perera   ¡Nuevo!

Impact of school-based health promotion interventions aimed at different behavioural domains: a systematic review
(2014) M Lima-Serrano y JS Lima-Rodríguez   ¡Nuevo!

Revisiting the Concepts of Risk and Protective Factors for Understanding the Etiology and Development of Substance Use and Substance Use Disorders: Implications for Prevention
(2012) Z Sloboda, MD Glantz y RE Tarter  ¡Nuevo!

Worldwide application of prevention science in adolescent health
(2012) RF Catalano, AA Fagan, LE Gavin, MT Greenberg, CE Irwin, DA Ross y DTL Sheck    

Drug policy and the public good: evidence for effective interventions
(2012) J. Strang, T. Babor, J. Caulkins, B. Fischer, D. Foxcroft y K. Humphreys

Fifty years since Smoking and health. Progress, lessons and priorities for a smoke-free UK
(2012) Royal College of Physicians. UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies

Alcohol in the European Union. Consumption, harm and policy approaches
(2012) P Anderson, L MØller y G Galea.

Well-being evidende for policy: A review
(2012) nef - new economics foundation.   

Les politiques de lutte contre le tabagisme. Rapport d'Evaluation.
(2012) Cour des Comptes.   

Evidence Map of Systematic Reviews (SRs) to inform prevention, treatment and/or harm reduction for illicit drug use
(2011) Institute of Neuroscience, Addiction and Mental Health (INMHA).

Strengthening prevention program theories and evaluations: contributions from social network analysis
(2011) SD Gest, DW Osgood, ME Feinberg, KL Bierman and J Moody

Prevención ambiental de drogas en la Unión Europea. ¿Por qué es tan impopular este tipo de prevención?
(2011) G. Burkhart

Alcohol and drug prevention in nightlife settings: a review of experimental studies
(2011) L Bolier, L Voorham, K Monshouwer, N van Hasselt and M Bellis

Protocol for a systematic review of the effects of schools and school-environment interventions on health: evidence mapping and syntheses
(2011) C. Bonell, A. Harden, H. Wells, F. Jamal, A. Fletcher, M. Petticrew, J. Thomas, M. Whitehead, R. Campbell, S. Murphy y L. Moore

Smoking in prisons: the need for effective and acceptable interventions
(2011) C Ritter, H Stöver, M Levy, JF Etter and B Elger
Effectiveness of motivational interviewing interventions for adolescent substance use behavior change: a meta-analytic review
(2011) CD Jensen, CC Cushing, BS Aylward, DM Sorell y RG Steele
Putting the pieces together: an integrated model of program implementation
(2011) C Berkel, AM Mauricio, E Schoenfelder y IN Sandler.
Universal multi-component prevention programs for alcohol misuse in young people
(2011) DR Foxcroft and A Tsertsvadze
Reducing harm in drinking environments. Evidence and Practice in Europe
(2010) K Hughes, L Furness, L Jones y MA Bellis.
Reducing harm in drinking environments. A systematic review of effective approaches
(2010) L Jones, A Atkinson, K Hughes, G Whelan y MA Bellis
Interventions for Reducing Adolescents Alcohol Abuse. A Meta-analytic Review
(2010) S.J. Tripodi, K. Bender, C. Litschge y M.G. Vaughn

Sustaining Evidence-based Interventions Under Real-world Conditions: Results from a Large-scale Diffusion Project
(2010) M.K. Tibbits, B.K. Bumbarger, S.J. Kyler y D.F. Perkins

The prevalence of Evidence-based Drug Use Prevention Curricula in the U.S. Middle Schools in 2008
(2010) C. Ringwalt, A.A. Vincus, S. Hanley, S.T. Ennet, J.M. Bowling y S. Haws

Alcohol-use disorders: preventing the development of hazardous and harmful drinking
(2010) NICE – National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

A Meta-Analysis of Motivational Interviewing: Twenty-Five Years of Empirical Studies
(2010) BW Lundahl, C Kunz, C Brownell, D Tollefson and BL Burke

Identifiying Effective Interventions for Preventing Underage Alcohol Consumption
(2009) Centre for Public Health, Liverpool John Moores University.   

Preventing Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Disorders Among Young People: Progress and Possibilities

(2009) National Research Council and Institute of Medicine

Evidence-Based Parenting Programs. What Works, Wisconsin Evidence Based Parenting Program Directory
(2009) SA Small y RS Mather

A wakeup call to the prevention field: are prevention programs for substance use effective for girls?
(2008) KL Kumpfer, P Smith and JF Summerhays

Perceived priorities for prevention: change between 1996 and 2006 in a general population survey
(2009) JF Etter

Applying drug dependence research to prevention interventions in Spain
(2008) JP Espada, D Lloret y JA García del Castillo.   

Preventive Interventions Addressing Underage Drinking: State of the Evidence and Steps Toward Public Health Impact
(2008) R. Spoth, M. Greenberg y R. Turrisi

The creation of evidence in ‘evidence-based’ drug prevention: a critique of the Strengthening Families Program Plus Life Skills Training evaluation
(2007) DM Gorman, E Conde y JR JC Huber.   

Fidelity of Implementation in Project Towards No Drug Abuse (TND): A Comparison of Classroom Teachers and Program Specialists
(2007) LA Rohrbach, CW Dent, S Skara, P Sun y S Sussman

Preventing Underage Drinking. Using Getting To Outcomes with the SAMHSA Strategic Prevention Framework to Achieve Results
(2007) P Imm, M Chinman, A Wandersman, D Rosenbloom, S Guckenburg y R Leis.

Drug use prevention among young people: a review of reviews. Evidence briefing update
(2006) Y McGrath, H Sumnall, J McVeigh, M Bellis

Annual review of Drug Prevention
(2006) NCCDP – The National Collaborating Centre for Drug Prevention

Effectiveness of School-Based Programs for Reducing Drinking and Driving and Riding with Drinking Drivers. A systematic Review
(2005) RW Elder, JL Nichols, RA Shults, DA Sleet, et al.
Building bridges: Co-occurring Mental Illness and Addiction
(2004) CMHS.
The effectiveness of public health campaigns
(2004) Health Development Agency

Effectiveness and efficiency of guideline dissemination and implementation strategies
(2004) JM Grimshaw, RE Thomas, G MacLennan, C Fraser, CR Ramsay, L Vale, et al.   

Evidence for effective drug prevention in young people. A summary of findings arising from research activity to date
(2004) L Millward, D Warm, R Coomber, J Chambers y M Kelly

A review of 25 long-term adolescent tobacco and other drug use prevention program evaluations
(2003) S Skara and S Sussman
Longer-term primary prevention for alcohol misuse in young people: a systematic review
(2002) DR Foxcroft, D Ireland, DJ Lister-Sharp, G Lowe and R Breen

Prevention of Psychoactive Substance Use. A Selected Review of What Works in the Area of Prevention
(2002) WHO – World Health Organization

A Review of Substance Abuse Prevention Interventions for Young Adolescent Girls
(2001) SM Blake, H Amaro, PM Schwartz, y LJ Flinchbaugh.   

The Rise and Rise of Peer Education Approaches
(2000) S Parkiny N McKeganey

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